PR, Social Media & Influencer Relations

Get your product in front of media & influencers

Build Awareness & Reputation

Become top of mind with your key customer base through an engaging influencer campaign that aligns with your brand values.

Increase Sales

Increase sales by working with us to develop a cannabis PR campaign including SEO and press releases, that contributes to the bottom line.

Launch New Products

Work with us to leverage bloggers, influencers and media to discuss or promote your new product in an authentic and engaging way. 

Host the Hottest Events

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Work with us to invite key players to your launch party.

Earn Brand Ambassadors

Work with us to develop and execute an ambassador program for your brand. Creating and cultivating key relationships that increase exposure.

Increase your following

Working with media and influencers will ultimately increase your social footprint and relevance. We know the top cannabis media!

Influencer Marketing and Cannabis PR

Reach Cannabis Loving Women

Leverage our proprietary influencer program to get your products in the hands of cannabis loving women across Canada and the US. From sampling, to special offers to participating in the coveted Canndora subsciption box program, we have customized marketing and PR options available to clients looking to make an impact. 

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Creating Brand Experiences

Enabling consumers to experience your brand, and share it with their friends and community, gives cannabis brands an edge in a challenging marketing environment. 

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Cannabis Communications

We're a branding, PR & social media agency that has an expertise in building profile for cannabis brands. 

We specialize in driving sales and exposure through digital PR and influencer relations 

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